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The Village Festival is taking a break for 2020

Our grateful thanks to Barnsley House and the Village Pub for opening their wonderful gardens in past years

The Village Hall

If you would like to book the hall or find out more details you can email or telephone

Sue Philips - 01285 740119

The village hall has now re-opened after a major refurbishment. Over £45K has been raised to carry out the improvement with the aim of making it the best village hall in the Cotswolds.

There is a brand new kitchen fully fitted with two seperate sinks, oven, dishwasher, cutlery and crockery to provide all the facilities required for catering and entertaining. The hall provides a large space for dining and parties, and comes fully equipped with long tables and chairs.

Village News

Village Festival

The Barnsley Village Festival is taking a break for 2020. This is in part due to the sad and unexpected death of one of the main organisers, Davina Wynne-Jones, at the end of last year. In addition some of the main gardens cannot open this year. The village is looking to establish an organising committee for 2021 and will confirm next year's event in due course.

Village Hall

Over £45K has been raised for the initial phase of the village hall improvement which is now complete. Go to the Village Hall page for more details.